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Who Should the Bride Travel With


Who Should the Bride Travel With?

If you are at the stage of your wedding planning where you are looking at transport options then allow us to help. At Wedding Car Rental we sport the largest fleet of bridal cars, boasting something for every type of wedding celebration. Whether you are situated in the US, the UK, Ireland or Canada, we can arrange for the perfect vehicle for the bride and whoever she wants to travel with.
Traditionally the bride travels to the venue with her father, sharing those last precious moments of freedom with him. This can be a very emotional journey, one that will stay with the father and the bride indefinitely. For this reason the car that provides the space for these emotions must be very special, reflecting the importance of the day.
Of late, many brides have chosen to travel with their bridesmaids, wanting to arrive at the venue together as a wedding party. This can be a great way to gear up for the nuptials ahead, clinking glasses of champagne and revelling in the greatness of the wedding car.
In recent years we have also seen an influx of brides wanting to travel alone, whether it be in a stunning classic chauffeur car or in a self-drive super car, taking to the wheel and being in control of their own journey. Although an unconventional way for the bride to arrive at the venue it can really wow the guests seeing the bride roll up in a Lamborghini or Ferrari.
If you are a bride shopping for your wedding car then get in touch today and allow us to talk you through the many vehicle options available to you.