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Why Get a Self-Drive Wedding Car?

Why Get a Self-Drive Wedding Car?

If you regard yourself as a modern individual then we understand that tradition goes out of the window when planning a fashionable wedding, especially when it comes to the wedding cars.

Where many brides used to travel with their father this is not always the case now. Brides are more than ever injecting their personality into their wedding, selecting innovative vehicles to reflect an element of themselves on their big day. At Wedding Car Rental we have a long history of experience offering brides what they want, catering to their particular needs to make their wedding a personal affair.

One of our services that has become extremely popular is self-drive super cars, with brides choosing to get behind the wheel themselves and make their way to the wedding venue. From Ferraris and Lamborghinis to Bentleys and Audis, our range of self-drive super cars is admirably diverse.

Where many see driving such cars as a once in a lifetime opportunity we do not, putting forth competitive rates to ensure everybody gets the chance to drive the world’s most beautiful performance cars.

If you like the idea of driving yourself to get married then be sure to browse through our catalogue of timeless marques, choosing the right vehicle to enhance your celebrations.

If you would like some advice on what type of super car would make your wedding stand out then allow a member of our team to talk you through each car’s features, allowing you to arrive at an informed decision.