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Black or White Wedding car?

Black or White Wedding car?

Wedding planning is full of questions, whether about the wedding dress, the guest list or your colour scheme, the truth is that decisions have to be made on a constant basis.

With so many options at hand it can be hard to make the right decision, especially with wedding travel. Where many want to keep costs down, saving budget for other areas of the wedding, others want to have the experience of their lifetime, celebrating the most important day of their life with a bang.

The most popular colours for wedding car rental are black and white, with brides and grooms torn between the two. White is a colour synonymous with purity, being the exact image the bride wants to convey on her wedding day. With a glistening white Rolls Royce Phantom you can be sure to stand out of the road when travelling to get hitched. White vehicles are also a lot more rare than black ones, adding a touch of specialty and importance to the journey to the venue.

If you have visions of making your wedding entrance in a striking white wedding car then be sure to browse through our vast selection, seeing what vehicles tickle your fancy.

Although white cars do pose a certain sense of luxury black wedding cars are also very sought after, offering an image of importance and wealth. Feel free to look through our many black wedding cars and get a feel for the type of cars we have on offer.

Alternatively get in touch with a member of the Wedding Car Rental team and allow us to discuss your options, talking you through each vehicle and what they can offer you on the most important day of your life.